Convert your SUV or truck into your personal shaded patio or
outdoor work area in just 30 seconds!


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Hybrid hitch is a standard towing hitch plus tailgate step and umbrella holder.

Designed and built locally in the USA for trucks and SUVs. Hybrid hitch is certified for towing. We provide same day shipping plus a one year guarantee.

 $99.99 with free shipping and handling.

 Here’s what you can do with your Hybrid Hitch:  



Tow up to 6000lbs with the 2” ball mount. It
works with any pickup, SUV, minivan, or sedan
with a 2” receiver. Hybrid Hitch is a simple and
elegant solution to what your vehicle is missing,
also acting as your extra safety bumper.



Umbrella Holder
Hybrid Hitch is a secure mount for any patio umbrella to keep out the sun or rain. Great for working or having a tailgate party at the river or a football game. In addition, Hybrid Hitch enables construction, mobile service workers, and street vendors to safely set up a shaded portable worksite in seconds.


Tailgate Step
Secure pin design protects against wind.
Hybrid hitch functions as an easy tailgate step
for any pickup truck for getting in and out of the
truck bed to provide easy access and extra reach
for retrieving construction, camping, or job site

Call now and order yours today!  602-315-9309